Vacation Rental Property Management

Affordable, Tiered Management

Starting at $75 for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom
What you get:
2 home visits per each executed booking
What we do:
We make sure the home is ready for the guest by...
  • Ensuring Toilet Paper
  • Ensuring Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Ensuring Paper Towels
  • Ensuring Laundry Pods
  • Ensuring Dishwasher Pods
  • Ensuring Dish Soap
  • Ensuring Garbage Bags
  • Inspecting for and Removing any Dead Insects
  • Clearing Yard Debris
  • Taking Garbage Bins to and from Street (when applicable)
  • Replace A/C Filter
  • Clean Dryer Vent
  • Replace Batteries where Needed
  • and so much more...
Anything else?:
  • Examine for Damages After Each Guest Check-out
  • Check for Burnt Out Light Bulbs
  • Check for Leaky Faucets
  • Check for Slow Drains
  • Ensure ALL Appliances, large and small, are Operational
  • Check for Propane for Gas Grill
  • Monitor Condition of Furniture, i.e., Tighten Loose Table Legs, Chair Legs, etc...

Your Property Managers, Silvia and T.J.

Silvia and T.J. Gillespie


It's quite simple really. Pricing starts at $75 for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home. Typically, each additional bedroom or bathroom is $10. Therefore, a 3/2 would be $85, a 4/3 would be $105. Not all homes are created equal so your pricing may vary but most homes will fall within this pricing structure. Contact us, Silvia at 954.263.5785, or T.J. at 954.675.8085 to set up an appointment to view your home or if you have more questions.

Why Hire Us?

You've mastered your bookings and you've been getting good ratings thus far. But are you finding it difficult to keep your property in 5-star condition due to other demands on your time? Would it not be nice to have some of your freedoms back but not give up your vacation rental business to an expensive full-time property manager or, worse, an impersonable management company?

Sunny Daze Escape recognizes that owners of vacation rental homes don't always have the resources or time needed to properly handle the physical demands of a vacation rental. You may not always be available to make sure the home is spotless and properly stocked for the next guest. We will make sure you don't get a bad review because there was no dish soap, or worse yet, no toilet paper!

On-call Services

You may be stuck at work when the cleaning crew fails to show up the same day the next guest is checking in. Or you're in the shower getting ready for a night out when the dishwasher starts to leak. In short, your guest needs immediate attention but you have other priorities. Your guests are our priority. It is what we do.

We are there to help reduce the stress of emergency and non-emergency situations when they arise.

What are emergency and non-emergency situations?

Emergency: Situations that place the guest or your home in immediate harm or danger such as, but not limited to, the smell of gas or water leaks tht may cause flooding. Situations that place the guest at a great level of discomfort such as, but not limited to, A/C failure or a malfunctioning refrigerator. These situations will be addressed IMMEDIATELY (as fast as humanly possible) by us and fixed as soon as possible.

Non-emergency: Malfunctioning dishwasher, washing machine, other large appliances (except for refrigerators), small appliances, slow leaks, etc... Basically, any situation that will not place the guest or property in immediate danger or damage will be considered a non-emergency. These situations will be addressed as soon as possible and are typically fixed between guests check-out and check-in.

Handyman: Sunny Daze Escape offers affordable handyman work and repairs. Typically, most needs for a handyman can be addressed during the home visits and would be considered part of the base fee. Handyman tasks that require additional time and effort are billed at an affordable hourly rate. We do not advertise our handyman rate so please contact us, Silvia at 954.263.5785 or T.J. at 954.675.8085 for further inquiry.